Avatar movie (2009): movie summary and analysis

George Alvarez 18-10-2023
George Alvarez

O movie Avatar In this sense, there is the world Pandora, where its native beings, the Na'vi are highly evolved, living in an environment of exuberant and magical nature.

However, the air on this planet is toxic to humans, so avatars were created to access and explore the riches of the planet Pandora, inhabited by Na'vi In short, it creates the avatars, biological bodies controlled by the human mind .

In this context, humans, through their avatars, begin to have two lives, one in the research lab and another on Pandora. However, the intended environmental exploration mission changes its course and a twist occurs to save Pandora.

What does Avatar mean?

In advance, we need to know the meaning of the word Avatar. In the etymology of the word, Avatar comes from the Sanskrit "Avatāra", which means "God's Descent" or "Incarnation .

Therefore, Avatar represents any spirit that, occupying a body of flesh, represents a divine manifestation on Earth. In other words, it is the manifestation of the body through a powerful being, a deity.

Avatar, by James Cameron

In the meantime, the movie Avatar was created and directed by James Cameron, being an epic science fiction film James Cameron, creator of Titanic, started developing Avatar in 1994, when he then intended to release it in 1999.

However, the technology of the 1990s was not developed enough, under James Cameron's vision, for his film, so the science fiction film was released only a decade later, in 2009.

As a result of the exuberant production, movie Avatar Titanic, which surpassed the box office of James Cameron's first production, has even received several nominations for the 2010 Academy Awards.

What is the summary of the movie Avatar?

In an alien world, called Pandora, live the so-called Na'vi In the meantime, a planet with abundant nature In this sense, ambitious humans wage a "war" to explore Pandora's territory.

Through military teams, with enough firepower to distribute Pandora, as well as with highly trained scientists, they plan and execute the invasion. So, in this strategic plan, the former Marine and paralytic, Jake Sully, is the main player.

Infiltrated in Pandora, he has to search effective strategies for humans to invade However, plans change when Jake falls in love with the native Neytiri and becomes part of the people Na'vi. As a result, it fights a battle against the humans.

Technology used in Avatar 2009

O movie Avatar was a forerunner in the use of filming technologies unknown at the time, especially by its special effects .

Thus, through technologies, both 3D and 2D, the movie Avatar brings to its audience the experience of feeling inside the scenery. In this way, they have the chance to see the inside of the forest, giving a certain sense of reality to the sacred forest of Pandora.

Therefore, the film uses cameras designed especially for the job site As a result of the fascinating story and magic transmitted through the screen, the film won a Golden Globe and several nominations for the 2010 Oscars.

Avatar Interpretation

Although the movie Avatar refers to a fictitious planet, Pandora, it refers to the exploitation of man in territories already inhabited by its people. This idea shows how far human beings can go to dominate territories with extreme violence.

In this way, it can help us refer to the history of mankind where, through force and violence, with many deaths, the invasion of various territories even whole countries.

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In addition, the movie Avatar shows the destruction of the environment caused by the human being, in an unmeasured and disproportionate way. All this solely for their own financial benefits, without thinking of any consequences for humanity.

Avatar Movie Analysis

In short, in the movie Avatar (2009), scientists seek to exploit, for financial purposes, the ecosystem of another planet. Thus, it develops avatars with interconnectedness in the human mind In other words, it creates a biological body that is controlled from a distance, by the human mind.

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So, with this genetic engineering, this transition of worlds resembles a dream, where Jack enters an experience where it is possible to feel physical and emotional reactions. In this way, he starts living in the real world and, simultaneously, in an alternate reality.

Then, in the course of the plot, Jack chooses the world, so far scientifically developed in his mind, as the best one to live in, since, besides the pleasure of being able to walk again, he discovers the pleasures of living a true love and being accepted in a people.

What message does the movie Avatar convey?

This idea of parallel between real life and "dream Above all, the film seeks to bring the message of reflection about our ecosystem.

Therefore, the script of the film shows how the force of nature can react against human beings and thus destroy them. This story can take us directly to the reality of planet Earth, where all the laws of nature are disrespected and without any punishment.

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In addition, the film also reflects the issue of Bioethics I think it is important to look at the limits of using human guinea pigs for testing in scientific research.

What personal and social reflections can the movie Avatar (2009) bring us?

In the course of the film we saw there were inclinations to thoughts on human behavior both personally and in society.

Jack, the protagonist of the film, shows how true love can really happen and transform an entire life. In this way, his feeling of genuine love brought strength to move an entire nation to fight for life.

Thus, as far as man's feelings are concerned, they were highlighted:

  • love of neighbor;
  • altruism;
  • compassion;
  • generosity.

In addition, by society's perspective There are two aspects to think about:

  • Ecological balance between nature and humanity, so that they can live together harmoniously;
  • Social discrimination and lack of resources for those with physical disabilities.

Avatar definitely goes far beyond a simple story of love and overcoming. human self-destructive behaviors mainly about the damage to nature that unbalance the balance of the ecosystem.

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