Picky People in Relationships: What Psychology Says

George Alvarez 01-10-2023
George Alvarez

The demanding people in life and relationships are often seen as hard to please or complicated to live with. However, this is not an absolute truth, since these people only try to make good choices for themselves.

Therefore, being in a relationship or being someone who is demanding can be very profitable if this characteristic is worked on in the right way. That is, there can be a balance between demands and demands and satisfaction and acceptance. And to help you, we have prepared a special article on the positive and negative points of demanding people according to psychology. Check it out!

Demanding person to choose relationships

When we talk about people who are choosy, we are usually talking about those who do not accept anything in their life. This can range from individual and routine choices to important and final decisions. In general, this type of person is more likely to have a very strong personality and likes to be independent. In addition, they know how to solve their own problems and do not give in to pressure orinfluence of others around you.

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It is because of these characteristics that there is a hasty judgment that being demanding is a negative factor. From then on, society starts to judge the person as boring, snobbish or unapproachable. And this may even be the reality for some people.

However, Not all demanding people follow this behavior pattern. And to show you both sides of the coin, below we have listed some of the positive and negative points of being demanding. See what they are:

Positive points of demanding people

Demanding doesn't have to be a problem when there is a higher purpose that guides it all and is based on the actions of the human being. To illustrate the good side of demanding, some habits that can be very beneficial for the life of this type of person is that it:

  • come out in defense of the right things;
  • delivers as promised;
  • always gives his best;
  • knows how to make good choices;
  • likes to encourage others.

That being said, who wouldn't want to live with someone who tries to make the best decisions and always supports friends and family? Well, this is one way to realize that demand is not always something difficult to deal with in a relationship.

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Negative points of demanding people

On the other hand, it's fair to say that being overly demanding also has its downsides. And this is what makes demanding people misunderstood. After all, a person who is overly demanding in relationships and in life in general:

  • does not tolerate many mistakes;
  • demands a lot from himself;
  • can be very perfectionist;
  • may have difficulty in trusting;
  • finds faults easily.

When this behavior reaches critical and compulsive levels, other major problems can arise. This leads to love and marital conflicts, for example, or even illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

What Psychology Says About Demanding People

Psychology analyzes with caution the aspects that permeate the personality of demanding people in relationships, because even though this trait is positive in some areas, in others it can reveal traumas and fears of the person.

If the person begins to assume a role of obsessiveness, fear, among others, it is a warning sign. This may mean that their demand is actually a way of protecting themselves from frustration. This may arise after negative experiences in past relationships.

In addition, excessive demands can be a reflection of a rigid childhood, with many demands from parents and teachers. This type of situation is quite common and can affect your self-esteem and confidence, damaging your quality of life. In cases like these, being demanding can actually be a negative factor and indicate that something else needs to be investigated.be a natural aspect, starting a psychological accompaniment can be fundamental.

The demanding person's personality to choose

To better understand what makes a person so demanding, it is necessary to look at the context in a broader way. As mentioned earlier, the origin of this type of behavior can be linked to the upbringing received during childhood. In this sense, it is quite common for demanding people to be very critical and difficult to live with. However, it is important to remember that they do not do thisfor evil, but as an unconscious defense mechanism.

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Just like other personality traits, being demanding can and should be worked on so that it does not get in the way of your life. That is, someone who is demanding by nature can improve his habits so that they are only positive in his daily life.

With the right treatment it is possible to get rid of these traumas and stop projecting excessive demands on others.

Excessive demands in the relationship

In relationships, demanding people tend to face greater difficulties. This is because they cannot tolerate mistakes - and often do not admit their own faults. This quest for perfection makes living together very delicate and fragile.

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The balance between seeking what is best for you and striving for an unattainable standard of relationship is the biggest dilemma for these people.

Likewise, Therapy with a qualified psychoanalyst may be the solution to the problem. However, it is worth remembering that this is a long process of re-signification. Therefore, everyone involved needs to be willing to cooperate with improvement.

Final considerations about demanding people

With the information in this article about demanding people Now you also know what can make a person so demanding in their choices and relationships.

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